Offense Great at Virginia Tech, Defense Not So Much


Well, a road win in the ACC is something to celebrate. I’m thankful for our shooting and passing, but our defense was subpar at best. Transition defense was poor and our ball containment poorer. These guys are so likable that it is tough to get upset with them — but I will force myself. LOL!


The MVP Chart:

Virginia Tech MVP


Exciting weekend coming up for all of us. Two outstanding teams that are extremely well-drilled and coached. Believe it or not, Tony Bennett played seven possessions of a 3-2 zone in their last game. His dad is furious! Tony is one of the stars in our profession. Has the total package. Teacher, motivator, winner, and the cherry on top … extremely humble.


Remember that it’s a White Out for our game against Virginia on Saturday.


Get ready Card fans. It should be a special February.


Go Cards!


Coach P