We practiced hard for nearly three hours.

Our early emphasis is on verbal communication and rebounding at both ends.

We must get the bigs to sprint the floor better, not only to make us tough to defend, but to fulfill their personal goals of playing beyond college.

Early on the biggest assets that stick out:

  1. Attitude- tremendous desire to excel.
  2. Toughness- the BIG EAST has hardened their minds and bodies.

Here is a break down of what stuck out with our guys with the first practice:

*Samardo, Edgar, and Jerry withstood the pain of a hard practice and competed at the highest level.
*Reggie was praying he could go back to Mississippi State (only kidding). He got through it and did some positive things.
*Jared Swopshire looked good and finished strong.
*Preston’s motor did not stop running for two hours and forty five minutes.
*T.J. has the potential. It will take time to develop his footwork and low post game.
*Kyle Kuric was steady and did some great rebounding work.
*George Goode struggled because he comes out of his athletic stance too much. He can be much better by staying in the position as a shortstop in baseball. Knees bent focused on the next quick reaction.
*Chris Smith and Chris Brickley are just a little rusty. It will take time for them to learn when to shoot and when to pass and the facets of the system.
*The freshman gave it everything they had. They were solid but the intensity wears the weak down. It will take time for them to develop. They have a great desire and willingness to learn.