Good Things Come in Threes



Not a creature was stirring; not even a mouse. Not in my house, sleep is not an option…


Great things come in three’s:


My favorite foods:

*Salmon (well done)

*Chicken parmigiana

*Pasta with garlic oil (anchovies added)


Three foods that I like, but stay away from most of the time:


*French fries

*Pasta Bolognese


*Wish I was young again!


Three of my favorite coaches:


*Vince Lombardi – The motivational king.


*Joe Paterno – Terrible ending for a man that had more character than just about anyone in the business. Awful what they did with his statue.


*Bill Belichick – Greatness lies in consistency of excellence. And no one is better.


Three of my favorite movies:


*Godfather 1 & 2 – Tie for the top spot


*Rain Man – Dustin Hoffman was brilliant


*As Good as it Gets – Jack Nicholson was hysterical


Three favorite holidays:


*Christmas – love everything about it


*Thanksgiving – families finally sit down and eat together (please no cell phones).


*Veterans Day – We get to thank our military for protecting us.


Three favorite games: Tough ones to choose, but here goes…


*Louisville vs Michigan – 2013 Championship


*Kentucky vs Syracuse – 1996 Championship. Not as good of a game, but it was the last one held in an arena (Meadowlands). Ending was just as special.


*Providence over Georgetown – Freedom Hall Sweet 16, revenge for two 30-point losses.


Three things I will never forget:


*Birth of my children (I delivered my daughter Jacqueline)


*My honeymoon in Las Vegas. A story no one would believe.


*Coaching the Knicks – Grew up right near Madison Square Garden. Dreamed about playing for them. Had the opportunity to do the next best thing: coach them!


Three things I still would like to accomplish in coaching:


*Have another team like my ‘96 team with 7-8 pro’s that had great attitudes.


*Go undefeated on the road.


*Win another Championship!!!


Finally – three things I have not done but would like to do:


*Own a horse and win the Derby (not going to happen)


*Snow Ski – Afraid of heights. Ski lift has made me stay away.


*Finally get a hole in one. I have friends that have had 7-8. I no longer speak to them.



The Coach at Utah Valley (Mark Pope) is one of the hardest workers and most dedicated players I have ever coached. Absolutely wonderful young man.


MVP from last night’s game is below:




Merry Christmas Card Nation and Happy Holidays to All!


Coach P