No, They Aren’t Better than Last Year



Not much can be taken from last night’s game against Kennesaw State, so I will answer a question I am often asked: Is this year’s team better than last? At this time December 17th absolutely not!!! Yes, they are more pleasing to watch on the offensive end and they showcase a much better attitude. Last year’s defense confused and bothered people every time down the court.


It is defensive habits we lack, little things that last year’s team did by second nature. For example:


Stance – the ability to react quickly.


Hand activity – Since 90% of passes are not bounce passes, hands must be between the shoulders. This group has poor habits in this area.


Post Defense – Must be up the line and ready to take away high/low duck in.


These are three examples of many that were easy for last year’s team. Little things that this year’s team doesn’t have yet, but will have. It will come through repetition where good defensive habits will be formed. We have a young team and everyone except for Mangok and Quentin are still lacking proper habits. We are striving for this team to excel come March and until then, we will be learning and improving each day. Below is the MVP chart:

Kennesaw St. MVP


Western Kentucky will be our first great crowd of the season. Should be a very exciting and entertaining game.