On the Road at NC State, Clemson



Great road win for the Cards. It was not an easy one, but none will be this year in the tough ACC. We made some crucial mistakes late in the game:


* Q’s pass up the sideline that led to a three-pointer. He should have beaten the defender and then passed or throw a bounce pass. Critical mistake.


* Damion’s two missed free throws???


* Damion not focusing on defending a play we worked on called “elevator.”


* Jaylen being so tired he went to the wrong bench. Only joking of course.


Although he did not have a rebound and made that poor pass, Q was brilliant for most of the game. He did all the things a good point guard needs to do on the road.


Nanu, who missed multiple block outs early on, turned in another stellar performance.


Jaylen was solid and was our MVP. He is improving each week. Like Nanu, he fights the fatigue factor. He stepped to the line and made two crucial free throws with 20 seconds remaining in the game.


MVP Chart

NC State MVP


Clemson is coming off a home win vs. Florida State and a road victory at Syracuse. They are a very difficult team to prepare to face.


Clemson has an extremely high number of offensive sets. Defensively, they change from game-to-game, zone or man. Veteran team that controls tempo. Great shooting team, with 35% of their shots as 3’s. They average 11 offensive rebounds a game, lead the conference in block shots, and are third in the conference and 16th in the nation in scoring defense. So much to prepare for in just two days.


Our team has multiple fundamentals that must get better.


Closeouts – challenging shots correctly, boxing out, correctly trapping down, run and jumping on press. I would need five pages to state all of them, but that comes with a new team. The great thing is that they are eager to learn and preform. Really love these guys.


Go Cards!


Coach P