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The NBA’s regular season had always consisted of 82 games until the pandemic cut it short in March of the previous two seasons.
The League resumed play in Orlando at the beginning of the season, playing eight games before the first play-in tournament for the playoffs.

In six games, the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat to win the championship on the verge.

Due to the short turnaround last season, the League reduced the number of games from 82 to 72 to restore order to the regular-season schedule.

Before the NBA Draft took place on July 29, the 2021 NBA Finals ended on July 20. Soon after, the free agency started, and the offseason resumed something resembling a regular schedule.

The All-Star Game is scheduled for February 18–20, 2022, and the season debuts on October 19. The regular season ends on April 10, and the playoffs start on April 16, following the play-in tournament.

The NBA Draft for 2022 will take place on June 23, one day after the NBA Finals’ final game on June 19.

Except in 2020, when it was shortened due to the Covid pandemic, the NBA has always had 82 regular-season games. The League consists of 30 teams divided into the Eastern and Western conferences.

Each team is vying for a spot in the playoffs.

In the 1967–68 season, there were 12 teams total when the 82 games per season format were introduced. Over time, more teams eventually joined.

Over the year, each team will play 41 away games and 41 home games.

There will be 1230 games played throughout the five-month season, with 30 teams participating.

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Who Do Teams Play Against In The NBA Season?

Every team in the NBA must play every team in its division four times, the remaining teams in its conference three to four times, and every team in the opposing conference twice during the regular season.

That guarantees that each team visits each other’s arena at least once each season, which is crucial in League with a focus on stars.

How Many Games Can You Play In The NBA Playoffs?

The NBA’s top players compete after the regular season to be named champions. The playoffs are the season’s final competition where the NBA champion is decided.

The eight best teams from each of the NBA’s two conferences make up a total of 16 teams (East and West). A best-of-seven elimination system is used for the playoffs.

The team that wins four games advances to the next round as two teams play each other up to seven times. The most games a team could play in the playoffs is 28, while the most games played overall would be 105, assuming each round consists of seven games.

In contrast, 60 games are the bare minimum that can be played, and 16 games would be necessary for a team to win the NBA championship.

When Does The NBA Season Start And finish?

The NBA season typically begins in October and lasts until the middle of April. The main playoff tournament, which runs through the end of May, will immediately follow the new play-in tournament after it begins a few days later. June is frequently when the NBA Finals are held.

Absent the All-Star Weekend break; the Regular Season consists of 82 games. NBA Playoffs are a best-of-seven game series that begins after the Regular Season and continue until a Champion is crowned.

The regular season for 2019–20 would start on October 23 and end in mid–April. Typically, the playoff season begins in mid-April and ends in mid-June. Given all of this, an NBA season typically lasts eight months and involves almost nightly games.


1. How many regular-season games in NBA?

Each team plays 82 games during the NBA’s regular season, which runs from October to April. The League’s postseason tournament lasts through June. By average annual salary per player as of 2020, NBA players are the highest-paid athletes in the world.

2. Why are there 82 games in the NBA season?

In actuality, the NBA is aware that a shorter schedule would benefit both its players and fans. They are aware that it would provide players with crucial recovery time, prolong the careers of stars, and reduce the number of in-season injuries.

They are aware that healthier players would provide better play for the audience, better team matchups, and less food for their patrons to consume.

3. How many games are in the 2021/22 NBA season?

To restore order to the regular-season schedule, the League cut the schedule to 72 games from the original 82. Before the NBA Draft took place on July 29, the 2021 NBA Finals ended on July 20.

Soon after, the free agency started, and the offseason resumed something resembling a regular schedule.

4. How many games are left in the NBA season for the lakers

Where will the Lakers finish the regular season with less than two months remaining? The Lakers’ regular season has 24 games remaining. During the All-Star break, they will have more than a week off.

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