9 Awesome Ball Handling Drills To Improve Your Game

Basketball players should practice their ball-handling skills every day since it is the most straightforward approach to improving all aspects of their game. You only need a ball and a flat area to practice ball …

Ball handling drills

Basketball players should practice their ball-handling skills every day since it is the most straightforward approach to improving all aspects of their game. You only need a ball and a flat area to practice ball handling.

Making sure you are balanced and in an athletic position is the cornerstone of practicing ball handling, just like in all other aspects of basketball.

Make sure your knees are bent, and your chest is raised when dribbling the ball to allow you to gaze ahead and observe the ground. When dribbling, try to avoid looking down because it limits your field of vision.

Use your fingertips to dribble the ball while spreading your fingers apart to cover the ball and have greater control over your stroke.

Dribble the ball as hard and quickly as possible without caring about making mistakes, but only using your arms. No big issue if you drop your ball; pick it up and continue where you left off.

Ball Handling Tips

Here are some pointers or reminders for every baller out there before we get into the details of the various drills you may do to enhance your ball handling. You may naturally perfect your handles by using these components.

1. Kneel, As a result, your center of gravity will be lowered, improving your ability to protect the ball while being more dynamic.

2. Gently and smoothly bounce the ball. The last thing we want to do is bounce the ball forcefully, which can lead to additional turnovers.

3. Maintain a positive attitude. Look ahead and keep an eye on the action on the court. Better yet, refrain from gazing at the ball. Many players have this terrible tendency, which can be challenging to break. For players who frequently experience this problem, I typically advise wearing glasses that require you to gaze up ahead.

Basketball Stationary Handling Drills With One Ball

Ball handling drills

It’s time to go to work and practice your handles now that we’ve gone through a few simple pointers to get you started. I’ve put together this incredible array of activities, so you can practice handling the basketball with both hands when stationary or moving.

Ball Slaps

Here’s a wonderful warm-up activity that will improve your gripping technique while also helping you gain strength. Unquestionably an excellent exercise to strengthen your hands.

Finger Taps

You can enhance your handles with yet another amazing warm-up exercise. While taping the ball back and forth between your left and right hands, you want to ensure your arms and elbows remain locked.


Let’s start dribbling now with this simple but effective crossover drill. Any player can employ this drill; if done well, it is very difficult to defend. You will become a skilled ball handler because of this exercise, improving your touch and making it softer.

Single Leg Ball Wraps

You should finish this exercise as soon as possible while keeping your head and eyes up. Move the ball around it by extending one leg. Ensure the ball doesn’t touch the ground and maintain it is spinning around your leg as smoothly as possible.

Figure Eight No Dribble Drill

With a basketball in your right hand and your feet stretched laterally beyond shoulder width, you begin the figure-eight no-dribble basketball drill. The ball is subsequently moved between your legs and left hand in the following phase.

Low-Dribble Basketball Drill

Start the exercise with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and dribble the ball at your fastest rate while it is about 6 inches above the ground. Once you have the speed under control, move the ball in a figure-eight pattern between your legs.

Alternate Between Legs Drill

Begin with your knees bent and your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Make sure you have the ball in your right hand, then dribble it between your legs to your opponent’s left hand. The ball will then be passed back through to your right hand as you switch the positions of your legs. Repeat this for 30 seconds at a breakneck pace. Always maintain a low, balanced posture while maintaining an upward gaze.

Yo-Yo Ball Handling Drill

Following the prescribed number of reps, you will continue to “yo-yo” the ball in front of and behind your body.

You can then spin the ball in front of you.

Using two balls, you can “yo-yo.” By maintaining one leg in front and switching to put the other leg in front, we can yo-yo backward and forth.

Keep your head up and your palms spread out. Although you want to be at ease, you also want to be prepared to strike at any moment. You must be able to move in case the defense closes in on you.

Machine Gun Ball Handling Drill

When you have finished the versions above, you can machine-gun dribble.

For more experienced players, you can also perform this exercise with two balls. You can serve them simultaneously or alternately.

Players with more experience can dribble a little around the legs.


1. What are some ball-handling drills?

  • Ball slaps involve slapping the ball as hard as you can while holding it in the other hand.
  • With your fingertips, extend your arms out in front of you and move the ball back and forth.
  • Wrap the ball around your head, waist, and ankles in three different directions.

2. How can I improve my ball handling?

  • Hardly dribble the ball.
  • Always keep your head up.
  • To control the ball, use your fingertips rather than your palm.
  • Put your imagination to use.
  • Instill mentality.
  • The game of basketball is lengthy.
  • Angles play a role in basketball as well.
  • Avoid wasting two dribbles on tasks you can complete in one.

3. What are 5 ball handling skills?

  • Hesitation Dribble.
  • Cross-Over Dribble.
  • Inside/Out Dribble.
  • Trap Dribble.
  • Trap Dribble/Cross-Over.

4. What are the 5 drills in basketball?

  • Cutthroat (1 on 1 Closeout)
  • Curl, Fade, Cut.
  • Two-Ball Dribbling.
  • Full Speed Shooting.
  • Post “Crab” Dribble Moves.

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