Basketball Drills For Beginners – Basic Fundamentals For Kids

Spending most of the practice time on basics while dealing with younger players is crucial. This article will go through 12 of our favorite introductory basketball drills for kids under ten. These exercises are for …

Basketball Drills For Beginners

Spending most of the practice time on basics while dealing with younger players is crucial. This article will go through 12 of our favorite introductory basketball drills for kids under ten.

These exercises are for you if you are a basketball player who wants to improve your skills. You will squander time and energy by not knowing what to do when you arrive at the gym.

A video accompanies each drill to break down the training for you. This implies that you won’t have to rely on intuition to decide what to work on.

We, therefore, have what you require to improve your shooting, ball handling, or whatever else. We’ll provide you with all the resources you need to improve your game to the fullest extent and start you down the road to realizing your basketball aspirations.

You’ll need some easy basketball drills that you can educate your kid to practice if they desire to take up the sport. We urge youngsters to start playing basketball early since it has many positive social and physical effects.

It instills discipline, work ethic, teamwork, agility, and hand-eye coordination. Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world, and it’s easy to see why, with its emphasis on teamwork and enjoyment.

Our beginner basketball drills programs teach a wide range of skills for a game that moves quickly and contains variation. Even among the best players, mastering the foundations of the game is continually emphasized as being of utmost importance.

These foundational competencies include:

  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Rebounding
  • Defense and movement

Basketball is fantastic because it is simple to practice at home or in the neighborhood park. Your child can improve their shooting, passing, and dribbling abilities by doing the following basic beginning basketball drills if you have access to a basketball, basketball ring, wall, and a bouncy surface like concrete or synthetic grass:

  1. Beginner Footwork Drills
Basketball Drills For Beginners

Basketball is mostly a feet game.

Ballhandlers’ footwork enables them to slash to the basket and wide shots around the rim. Defensive players’ footwork allows them to stay in front of their opponent, stop the ball, or move into a position to assist a teammate. Finally, rebounders use their footwork to box out, position themselves, and retrieve lost balls.

Look at some of the best NBA players of all time, including Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Hakeem Olajuwon. You’ll notice that they all employed quick, accurate footwork to benefit both offense and defense.

  1. Beginner Shooting Drills

Shooting is the third essential fundamental. The good news is that your gamers will not protest at all about practicing this skill!

However, you mustn’t aimlessly shoot Hail Marys at the hoop throughout your practice sessions. Instead, start by teaching your kids the proper form and principles. Then, use game-like exercises to help them become used to making shots with a defender in their face.

Your practice schedule should include 15 to 20 minutes for practicing these shooting drills.

  1. Personalized Basketball Drills

Not every player will possess the same skill set or require the same amount of game improvement. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you could find exercises customized for the athlete using them.

For instance, a post player who will be playing on the block, like Dwight Howard, doesn’t need to spend much time practicing perimeter skills. Instead, look for exercises that draw attention to the regions you wish to strengthen. In this situation, post-player skill development would benefit from using some post-drills.

  1. Game Realistic Basketball Drills

Flashy drills are one of the things that are currently popular. The more vivid the practice, whether practicing several combo moves, making complex shots, etc., the more popular it becomes.

However, these basketball drills should be avoided. Although most of them are not game-realistic, they may appear fantastic to do. You have to consider the help defense before moving.

This implies that you won’t have more than three or four opportunities to score. If you continue, the reason will give way, and you won’t have any room.

It would help if you first grasped the fundamentals of basketball before you attempted any advanced techniques.

The more proficiently you can get these foundations, the simpler it will be to include more complex basketball movements eventually.

  1. Practice at Game Speed
Basketball Drills for Beginners

Finding the correct basketball drills is vital, but how you carry out the drill is also essential. It would be beneficial if you correctly mastered the drill’s various moves and carried them out at game speed. You must practice a stir at the pace you intend to use it in a game.

This will challenge players during practice matches with team members. The main benefit of practicing at game speed is that it forces players to react quickly to various counts, pitches, and velocities. We must configure this to present a challenge to batters.


1. What are the 5 drills in basketball?
The following list of five fun basketball drills is for coaches.

Bulldog Exercise. This exercise aids in developing dribbling abilities while moving quickly, as on a fast break.

  • Terminator Drill. 
  • 3-Man Weave Drill. 
  • Knockout Drill. 
  • Loose Ball Drill.

2. What are some fun basketball drills?

  • Bulldog Drill.
  • Terminator Drill. 
  • 3-Man Weave Drill. 
  • Knockout Drill. 
  • Loose Ball Drill.

3. What is a good basketball practice routine?

  • Stretching exercises.
  • Selecting drills. 
  • Move quickly from one drill to another. 
  • Make drills competitive.
  • Budget your time for each drill. 
  • Follow an up-tempo exhausting drill with 5 minutes of something less aerobic. 
  • Free-Throw Shooting. 
  • Have every player do dribbling and ball-handling drills.

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