Does Playing Basketball Make You Grow Taller?

Does basketball make you taller? According to the new findings, we can find a correlation between human height development and basketball. However, there are a few people who disagree with this.  Does basketball make you …

Does Basketball Make You Taller

Does basketball make you taller? According to the new findings, we can find a correlation between human height development and basketball. However, there are a few people who disagree with this. 

Does basketball make you taller? According to them, genetics is the one that can determine how tall you’ll be. Some proofs say the movements involved in basketball can assist you in increasing height growth during your growing years.

Can Basketball Make You Taller? What The Science Says

Does basketball make you taller? A few people believe that continuous training sessions can stimulate heightened genes.

Does Basketball Make You Taller

1. The NBA guys are tall, but their growth is not for basketball. No one can grow taller by playing this game. Lamarck’s theory isn’t applicable in such cases. However, if it is the case, all short people start playing basketball to become tall.

Remember that the genetic structure determines your height and shape, which you will be in, not basketball.

2. Could you ask yourself that you might grow in stature only by practicing shooting on the hoops?

Science proved that genetic factors are the determining factor of 60-80% height differences between individuals. The left percentage is for the environment, nutrition, etc.

3. Anyone can play basketball. All people are allowed to take part in the game. There is no need to be that tall to participate in this.

If you see NBA sports on TV or live, you can see the tall, lanky players on the court. Tall people especially play on a basketball court because they are crucial to the team. 

The players can shoot at any time, anywhere. Regarding dunks, rebounds, and defense, basketball players benefit from their heights. Therefore, tall guys can easily be future NBA superstars, and the chances are very high.

On the flip side, short basketball players can not easily pass the ball through all the barriers. Besides, they are seen less as professionals than tall people.

However, it never indicates that people with short heights cannot succeed in this profession. Several instances are there based on the fact. 

While many tall people can’t play basketball well, several small players are skilled in this game. If you are tall, it is an additional benefit during playing basketball.

4. Regarding short players, ensure that they must come with unique talents, including shooting, passing the ball to their mates, or solid defense. Remember that the way of your play and style can easily give you advantages as it doesn’t depend on the height.

For instance, Kelly Olynyk and Isaiah Thomas are some big names in basketball. Both famous players where their heights are 7 feet and 5′ 9”, respectively.

5. Several people argue that exercise can boost height, but it is not true. However, you should know that exercise can stimulate growth hormones. But it doesn’t affect the exercise areas of your body. 

A study has been made between two people groups. While the first group has made only bicep curls, the second group has done leg extensions followed by bicep curls. Although the leg extension group has twice the number of growth hormones, it never indicates that you will not be successful. 

Although it is not going to make you tall, it doesn’t indicate that you should give up doing exercise. Keep in mind that good maintenance of your nutrition level with genes shall determine your height.

Reasons Why People Think That Playing Basketball Makes You Taller

Does Basketball make you taller? Let’s know the reasons. 

Reason 1:

According to people, continuous jumping with the game can offer the brain an electric flow of body current. That’s why the growth hormones are stimulated and help to increase height.

You should know that we have growth plates in our spine and legs. While landing our body on the ground after throwing it in the air, blood flow will increase along with the height. 

Reason 2:

Many people think that if the HGH hormone level is available in the human body excessively, a human can experience a height increase. When we play the game, the HGH level is affected too.

How Do You Grow Taller In Basketball?

Does Basketball Make You Taller

Does playing basketball make you tall? Can basketball make you taller? Once puberty hits you, your height will grow quickly in the following two years.

This stage generally lasts between two and five years for most teenagers. However, if the growth plates are open, you may grow naturally. 

When you play the game daily during the growing years, the puberty stage can promote bone strength with bone growth also. Thus, it can boost your height development. Both basketball games and stretching exercises can give you good health. Besides, you can gain flexible muscles.

What Can Be Improved By Playing Basketball Except For The Height?

Does basketball make you taller? What else can be improved except for the height? 

1. Jump: You should play the game daily to improve your jumping ability. 

2. Speed ability: Up and doing with running allows you to attack while playing. In addition, you can go into defense easily. 

3. Rebound: Probabilities of getting possession are enhanced.

4. Hand-eye coordination: If you run with a ball, you must be able to pass the basketball quickly. 

What Is The Best Age To Play Basketball?

Kids should begin playing the game from their youth, typically around age five or six. They can learn the game’s fundamentals and develop their enthusiasm at that age.

Usually, kids learn how to bounce, throw, and catch a ball. While they are about seven to nine, they should learn dribbling and the rules. They can join teams and play with the others in the same group.

When they become ten-year-old, they should begin a strength training program with flexibility exercises, including pushing, pulling, squatting, and lunging. As they practice these actions, again and again, it will help them to improve their strength, movement, and coordination.

What Positions Are The Best To Improve Height?

What makes you taller? Does playing basketball make you taller? Let’s know about the best positions to improve height. 

1. Dribbling: If you want to dribble the ball, you must bounce it to attack. You can dribble with your dominant hand. However, practicing with both hands to trigger growth hormone production is better.

2. Jump and throw the ball into the basket: It can stimulate the growth plates to create more growth cartilage. When you jump, you should try to keep the back straight to get the maximum spine growth. Being attentive to two crucial ways to boost height is also essential.

A jump shot supports height growth and is used during the game. While jumping, ensure that you have kept a distance between your legs and bend your shoulders and knees to bounce up.

Layup is done quickly. Just run very fast and jump as high as you can. Then, you should place the ball into the basket. The process helps to improve your leg’s flexibility. 

3. Throw the ball from afar: You should have the skill if it is impossible for you to reach the opponent’s basket. If you are willing to perform correctly, jump high and reach out to prevent the opponent from stealing the ball.

Ensure that your head, neck, and back must be in a straight line. 


1. Why are basketball players so tall?

Height is always beneficial for grabbing more rebounds for a player. While tall players have longer limbs to go to the ball quicker than players of average height, exceptions exist to the rule. The legendary rebounders are highly tall people.

2. At What Age Do We Stop Growing?

Although you hit puberty late, you won’t experience significant growth after 18 to 20. 

3. Is There Any Real Evidence That Says Playing Basketball Makes You Taller?

No proof exists that the game or any physical activity can boost the maximal height. 

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