How To Attack The Basket?

Most good players are taught how to shoot, but do they also learn how to attack the basket and score in crowded areas? If you are improving your basketball skills in the gym, you know …

How To Attack The Basket?

Most good players are taught how to shoot, but do they also learn how to attack the basket and score in crowded areas? If you are improving your basketball skills in the gym, you know the significance of basketball drills.

Your basketball workout should entail going to the basket and trying to score points. You will know how to attack the basket off the pass in this tutorial, which will allow you to blast by your opponent and finish with authority at the rim.

  • Once given a pass, you should square up to assess the situation and determine how your opponent intends to play you. You do not need to begin dribbling the ball right away. You set the rules of the game! Because of this, the defender will not be able to anticipate your next action, which will throw them off balance. 
  • Utilize your triple threat skills to create space for yourself if the defender gets closer to you than you were previously. After that, you might use the jab step to drive the defender further away so that you can get ready for your next move, which is to attack the basket.
  • If your defender is playing you to one side because they think you can’t dribble with your left hand (let’s suppose you are right-handed), they will place their left foot higher to force you to the left. 
  • This will happen if they think you are right-handed. You may make it look like you’re going to the left and then attack the opponent’s higher-positioned left foot. When attacking with your left foot, ensure you swing the ball with a lot of force and keep your movement low.
  • Launching an assault from the south, not the east or the west, is imperative! If you choose to direct your journey toward the East or the West, the defender will be able to cut you off successfully. If you take the offensive position and attack the hoop, it will be much simpler to dribble around the extended foot and get to the rim.
  • After successfully navigating around the defender, the following stage is to force the ball out of your hands and make a determined drive toward the hoop with the basketball. You should be able to get to the basket with only one dribble if you swing through with a lot of force and put the ball out in front of you.
  • Additionally, this depends on how close you are to the edge of the rim. Therefore, while trying to catch a pass, don’t let the defender push you out of the way; instead, focus on being open in the space you want to utilize, rather than the space the defender wants you to use.
  • It is unnecessary to be flashy; use the floater, finish at the rim with a layup, or dunk on someone’s head once you are closer to the hoop. That’s the way to end on a high note!

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S: Shoulder Through The Hip.

Open the door! After making your initial attack on a defender, push your shoulder to their hip to cause contact. This will cause their body to open up (open the door), allowing you to pass through them.

How To Attack The Basket?

This one factor alone can transform a player’s game completely. However, this is a state of mind. The best players thrive on physical interaction.

E: Explosive Step.

Most people think about having an explosive first step, but you want your initial step to be toe-to-toe with the defensive midfielder so that you can set up your shoulder through their hip.

If you explode on your first step, you will usually avoid making touch with other people. (which is fine in some situations). However, once you have opened the door with your first step, the real action begins with your second step, which is an explosion.

You should try to go as low to the ground as possible, like a sprinter getting into the blocks, by throwing your shoulders in front of your torso. There will be instances when you must contact the ground to keep your equilibrium.

C: Create Contact.

Your work is not finished after you open the door and cause the explosion. A good number of players emerge victorious in this engagement, but their failure to stay in contact ultimately costs them the war.

How To Attack The Basket?

At this point, you should be thinking about severing (or cutting off) the angle, which will prevent the defender from regaining control of the situation.

S: Space with Dribbles.

In addition to cutting off the angle of approach, this is another strategy to ensure that the defense can’t make up lost ground and regain the lead.

Keep the ball in play as long as possible, dribble with intent, and try to get inside the paint with as few touches as possible.

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Y: Why? What Should I Do Now?

You need the ability to read the defense at this point to determine what opportunities are open to you.

Is this the end of it for you? Is it a get-out-of-jail-free card because they pitched in? Is it possible to discover a shooter by POOPing (pivoting out of pressure)? You are required to do readings!


1. What is attacking towards the basket in basketball?

When you attack the hip of the defender, you get a better angle towards the basket, compel the opponent to drop step, and simultaneously keep your center of gravity low. It is one hundred percent simpler to guard you if you are taut, rigid, and standing with your back straight.

2. What side do you attack from when someone passes the ball?

One of the most important skills in association football is passing the ball to a teammate. The objective of passing is to maintain possession of the ball by moving it horizontally between various players to advance it further across the playing field. Passing is done to accomplish this.

3. What is the best strategy for catching the ball?

  • Place your feet so that they are shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your hands on either side of the ball while holding it with both.
  • To add more power to your throw, rotate your elbows to point to the side.

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