How To Become A Basketball Coach

If you want to be a basketball coach, you must have sufficient dedication and patience. Ensure to study the game like a coach to get this position. You must pay close attention to the procedure …

How to Become a Basketball Coach

If you want to be a basketball coach, you must have sufficient dedication and patience. Ensure to study the game like a coach to get this position. You must pay close attention to the procedure coaches follow to manage the game clock. 

Best Steps To Follow To Become A Basketball Coach

It is essential to coach young people at the youth level and also at the high school level. While teaching the basics and skills of basketball, you can greatly impact a kid’s life as a basketball coach.

How to Become a Basketball Coach

The coaching community always needs quality role models to enter the profession. Besides, young people require such role models.

Different methods offer you the best chance to find your job. 

1. Find Your “WHY“:

You must ask yourself why you are willing to coach. Try to find out the answer, as it will help you to determine the best level for you.

Suppose you want to make a lot of money. In such cases, coaching at youth or high school levels is not suitable for you. But if you want to improve young people’s lives, the youth level is perfect for you. 

Let’s know the benefits and drawbacks of youth basketball and high school to know which is better for you.

Youth Basketball:

You can see players improving rapidly at the youth level because they learn the game for the first time.

Several teams don’t practice daily. So, you can schedule practices easily around other obligations. But whether you are willing to enjoy high-level competition, go with a higher level.

High School:

These coaches have more time to practice. But the level is very competitive. It indicates that there exists a lot of pressure.

Besides, as it is a larger time commitment, you must consider your work schedule and family commitments. 

2. Get Your Foot In The Door:

Begin your journey anywhere without waiting for the coaching destination you want. In most cases, they need to learn the basics of being a good coach at the youth level.

In this regard, you should know that several schools and community leagues always want assistance. First, you should volunteer to gain experience.

If players are younger and they find the game new, you should learn how to teach it easily and clearly. You will get benefits from the skill as it enables you to choose to advance to higher levels later.

3. Attend Basketball Clinics And Basketball Camps:

As a coach, you must continue expanding your knowledge of the game. Even the best ones are trying to develop new ideas. You can find several resources online and on social media.

You can gather knowledge from experienced coaches through Basketball coaching clinics while meeting. Besides, you can volunteer at a basketball camp at your local high school or a college.

Several colleges find young coaches to hire at their youth camps providing additional coaching experience. In addition, they can get good working chances. 

4. Find A Basketball Mentor:

It is a vital portion of coaching development. If you want, you can find multiple coaches in your area who always prefer to share their innovative ideas. Besides, they can help you to begin your basketball coaching career. 

How to Become a Basketball Coach

You can take help from a retired coach. If you don’t know someone who is a retired coach, you should contact a few local high school coaches. 

5. Become An Assistant Coach:

In most cases, head coaches start their careers as assistants. But assistant coaches are also vital to the success of a program. They might have additional time to focus on player development.

Try to seek out the most effective coaches and see if they need any assistants. If you have a good head coach, you can gain plenty of knowledge while studying how to be a basketball coach. In addition, they can also serve as a great referee while moving up the coaching ladder.

You should find someone who can offer you a crucial role on the coaching staff. It doesn’t matter if you get paid for assistant coaching because this position is vital for your future career. 

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6. Specialize In One Specific Area:

If you seek out potential assistant coaching jobs, you should know that it is always better to be specialized in at least one specific area. As a head coach, it is better to have assistants experienced in various parts of the game.

Suppose you are an excellent coach. Therefore, you can add value to any program instantly. A similar thing happens if you are a good defensive technician. Tex Winter, master of the Triangle Offense, is a famous assistant coach. He had been Phil Jackson’s sidekick for several years also.

It doesn’t indicate that you should neglect other aspects of the game. Ensure to learn continuously and grow in all areas of your life.

It is possible to enhance a program by being experienced in various fields. If you want to run a high school program, you will need several elements outside of on-the-court coaching:

  • Scouting
  • Fundraising
  • Running social media accounts
  • Promoting players to colleges, etc.

Excelling in some areas will help you to gain an assistant’s job and allow you to be a head coach.

7. No Job Is Too Small:

As soon as you have your foot in the door as a youth coach or high school assistant, add value to your program. A few coaches fail as these can look down on a few minor tasks. 

You must feel grateful that you get so many chances. Whether you find your head coach needing someone as an assistant, go ahead. In addition, if a player wants a rebounder, serve as a volunteer to pass. Grab a broom when you need to sweep the floor. 

Performing such things can also make a good impression on the head coach and players. Although these seem small, doing these things always make your team better. 

8. Clean Up Your Resume:

You might not get jobs in basketball coaching at the high school varsity level so easily. It relies on the place and job quality and based on that, you can see a lot of applicants.

How to Become a Basketball Coach

The resume of any applicant is crucial during an interview and a potential job offer. While putting the resume together, consider your skills to set you apart from other applicants. 

Whether you don’t have successes, try to highlight skills you have in a basketball program. Ensure you must always honest. 

9. Create A Coaching Portfolio:

Before beginning to receive interviews, you must create a coaching portfolio. It is a vital part of your interview procedure. Besides, it can help you to clarify your program plan. Although there is no way to create a portfolio, several coaches include:

  • Their standards/values
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Expectations on the court
  • Expectations in the classroom
  • Offensive/defensive ideas, etc

If you want to interview for a head coaching position, add methods to create the middle school and youth players. 

10. Prepare For Your Interview:

Remember that an interview is a big chance to create an impression before getting your dream job. Therefore, you must perform your best and remain calm during the interview.

You should research the program, like what they want to have, whether it is a successful program, why the previous coach left, etc. 

In addition, you must dress professionally and try to be yourself. Thus, you must get a job which is suitable for you. Try to be yourself and honest. 

11. Be Patient:

You might get a head coaching job, but it needs some luck, also. It is because you may face rejection and frustration too.

How to Become a Basketball Coach

You should do your best to enjoy every step of the procedure. In addition, you should positively affect players lives of the players you coach. 

It is essential to learn and gain experience by spending your time. Try to make a great impact at your current job to get an excellent job in your field.

Remember, all coaching chances have value as these offer different opportunities to teach the game. 

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Skills You Will Need

These are the skills you require:-

  • Previous experience with basketball.
  • You must have a good understanding of the game.
  • You should be in your top physical condition.
  • You must come with the ability to motivate players.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • It is essential to pay attention to detail.
  • You must have excellent memory and concentration skills.

What Does A Professional Basketball Coach Do?

A professional basketball coach needs to carry several responsibilities for the task. Every basketball coach of any level should do the following:-

  • They must teach their teams how to play basketball, including basic skills, rules, and strategies.
  • Ensure that all players of the team work together. Besides, each player must value the team over their respective feats. 
  • Practice so that players can improve their skills. 
  • They should coach players who require separate help outside the team environment.
  • In addition, they must make strategies to use on the court depending on the skill levels of players and the team against which players are playing. 
  • Coaches should motivate players and act as leaders for the team and all players.
  • Moreover, they must identify the strengths and weaknesses of every player and work with them accordingly. 
  • They need to make fast decisions while a game runs, like subbing out players.
  • Try to prevent, assess and manage injuries.
  • They must have teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The Average Salary For Basketball Coaches

$48,590 per year is the average national salary for a basketball coach in the US. It depends on the years of experience. In addition, in which city you get a job is also a dependable factor.

How to Become a Basketball Coach

For instance, the average salary of a basketball coach is $61,480 per year, according to Atlanta, Georgia. On the other hand, New York, New York reports that the salary of a basketball player on average is $44,843 per year.

These are a few advantages that basketball coaches take, including:

  • A flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Gym membership
  • Paid housing
  • 403(b)
  • Professional development assistance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Access to a wellness program
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health savings account
  • AD&D insurance


1. Do basketball coaches have to wear suits?

Wearing a suit on the job relies on your employer. Several organizations at the professional level want their coaches to wear a suit or sport coat with a necktie during the game. In addition, you can see college-level coaches doing the same.

Regarding younger players, coaches must follow the school’s dress code they are employed at.

2. What do you need to be a basketball coach?

A few jobs for coaching need only a high school diploma or GED. However, most basketball coaching jobs want a bachelor’s degree in physical education, sports management, sports medicine, or kinesiology.

3. What do basketball coaches study?

They study these fields, including exercise and sports science, physiology, nutrition and fitness; and physical education.

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