How To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball?

Excellent sharpshooters have routines. I believe the following shooting regimen will help you become a great shooter or improve your shooting skills. Maintains and improves a proficient shooting technique. Creates uniformity in your form. Improves …

How To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball?

Excellent sharpshooters have routines. I believe the following shooting regimen will help you become a great shooter or improve your shooting skills.

  1. Maintains and improves a proficient shooting technique.
  2. Creates uniformity in your form.
  3. Improves confidence
  4. Moreover, it simply makes you a better shooter.

Every basketball player wants to become a terrific shooter. Proper form and consistent practice are the only surefire technique to guarantee the greatest results. Below I break you the foundations of a great shooter:

Your mind and body remember the last shot you fired. The more poor habits you develop, the more difficult it is to become a proficient shooter.

Likewise, the more correct basics you practice, the more efficient you will become and the closer you become a superb shooter each day. Few shooters are capable of overcoming fundamental deficiencies.

These advancements can be used in a shooting workout for youth, high school athletes, and those wishing to improve their shooting form.

It is an excellent approach for advanced players to warm up and improve their shooting technique. Thus, you maintain consistency. This is why players like Stephen Curry and Ray Allen engage in daily “boring” form shooting drills.

These players are “volume shooters” and are rarely associated with victorious basketball teams. Great shooters may make a high percentage of their shots, which helps their team win games. They know this is their “role” on the squad and try their best to contribute to the team’s success.

How To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball?

As this list demonstrates, a superb shooter consists of numerous elements. Some competent shooters have mastered some of these areas, but only great shooters have mastered them all.

Examine this list to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a shooter if you aspire to be exceptional.

You are then responsible for devoting time to these distinct regions. You shouldn’t shun your weaknesses when you go to the gym for basketball training.

As a shooter, you want to maximize your skills while minimizing your limitations. The only way to accomplish this is to devote time to improving your deficiencies.

Functions To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball

1. Feet and Structure

Any shooter must begin with a solid foundation. Keep your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart; do not place one foot in front of the other.

Feet that parallel maximize balance when dribbling off a screen in either direction.

2. Shooting Ready

Being prepared to fire is essential to being a successful shooter. A superb shooter must initially bend their knees for force and balance.

Then, the wrist of a superb shooter is cocked in preparation for receiving the basketball.

Once the ball is received, the focus must be on the target. Lastly, a skilled shooter brings his elbow close to his torso as he prepares to fire.

3. Taking The Shot

After receiving the ball, the following steps should be taken. Initially, locate the object using your eyes. Then, place the ball in the shooting pocket (around chest level on the dominant hand side) and raise it through the shooting shaft in a single motion.

After releasing the ball, point your fingers toward the target. Focus on the objective, not the ball. Finally, do not fade away from the target; you should follow your shot.

4. Practice

Practice is the final essential component of becoming a proficient shooter. The greatest shooters might average between 300 and 500 shots per day.

How To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball?

The more you shoot at game speed during practice, the more you become a superb shooter on game day.

Work on all facets of shooting, including off the dribble, stationary, off the screen, mid-range, three-point, backboard, foul, off-rhythm, and float shots. There is more work to be done, but the payoff will earn the rank of a great shooter.

5. Creating The Shooting Release

The majority of you have seen this one-handed shooting drill. Even if it is not novel, do not disregard the significance of this fundamental exercise. This improves the “release” component of your shot technique.

For this stage, we place our feet shoulder-width apart or closer together. You should be in a position of strength and equilibrium.

Check your feet and strive for consistency on every shot. We like to shuffle or turn our feet slightly. Each individual has distinct anatomy. You must discover what works for you.

Next, shape your shooting arm into an L. Concentrate on pushing the ball out and high. Your elbow should end at the level of your eyes.

Concentrate on passing the ball between your fingers. Generally, you should end with either your index finger or index and middle finger pointed at the hoop. Determine what works for you.

When you correctly shoot “up and out” and “push through your fingers,” the ball will have the correct amount of backspin.

I even advocate practicing appropriate mechanics by shooting at a wall. Then, if you’ve established consistency with your feet and follow-through, proceed to the basket.

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6. Including The Guide Hand On The Shooting Release

Next, we attach the guiding hand to the trigger release. Athletes are predisposed to utilize their guide hand, but this development does not include the guiding hand touching the ball.

This is crucial since excessive use of the guiding hand causes many players to miss to the right and left. If you can eliminate firing to the right or left, you will increase your shot count automatically.

The subsequent shooting drills are crucial to the shooting development procedure. However, shooting drills that teach rhythm, coordination, fluidity, arc, and accurate shooting release are frequently overlooked or disregarded.

They are frequently misapplied or undervalued. If you want to become a great shot, the importance of the following drills cannot be overstated. They could be the difference between a terrible shooter and a great one.

These essential shooting progressions were taught to me by Rick Penny, and they fundamentally altered the way I teach shooting.

7. Ready To Go

This stage is designated as Ready to Go. This concentrates on the upper portion of the shooting motion. As described in the previous essay on shooting, shooters lengthen their legs when the ball reaches roughly shoulder height.

If you examine exceptional shooters such as Stephen Curry, you will notice that the ball begins to rise before you extend your legs.

However, attempting to do so on purpose can disrupt your rhythm and coordination. Consequently, we use this as a progression to build the coordination required to extend your legs to shoot as the ball ascends via the shoulder position.

8. Set To Go Exercise

The shooter begins several feet out from the basket. In the set position, the arm angle of the player is around 90 degrees, and the ball is near the shoulder.

How To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball?

Once the shooter is ready, they simultaneously extend their legs and fire in a single move. This motion resembles a free throw with minimal vertical movement during the shot.

We will fire five to ten shots before taking a step back. Typically, we do this until we are a single step from the free throw line.

Also, be sure to take your time and perform each repetition correctly. Breaking the tendency will take 10 times as long if you develop a negative habit via laziness. How to Become a Great Shooter in Basketball. Therefore, be intelligent and position yourself properly before each shot.

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9. Roll To Go

We shall then instruct the Tuck. This enhances time, rhythm, fluidity, arc, and release point. Before shooting, the ball is immediately placed in the Tuck position.

With the Tuck, your arm angle will be around ninety degrees, and your arm will be parallel to the ground from your waist to shoulder level. It is OK for some players to drop to the ground on their hips.

When receiving a pass or picking up the ball while dribbling, you instantly place the ball in this position. Your elbow will also be tucked back near your side in a relaxed position.

10. S-Curve

The Tuck assists in generating a positive motion toward the basket with a higher release point.

How To Become A Great Shooter In Basketball?

Rick Penny refers to this path as an S-curve.


1. How can I become an amazing basketball shooter?

  • Maintain Focus on the Target.
  • Pay Close Attention To Your Balance And Posture
  • Analyze Your Grip
  • Deliver The Ball Effortlessly
  • Pay Attention To Your Upforce
  • Enhance Your Follow Through
  • Always Correct Your Shot.

2. How to become an elite basketball shooter?

Practice as frequently as possible.

3. do you become a better basketball player?

  • Prioritize ball control
  • Identify and address your weaknesses
  • Perform drills at game speed
  • Enhance your physical fitness
  • Work on your shooting mechanics with your lower body
  • Practice your hand’s position on the ball
  • Observe other college basketball games.

4. How to improve your basketball shooting form?

Regular and frequent practice might help you enhance your shooting abilities in basketball.

You may enhance your shot accuracy by several practice tactics, such as practicing precise form and jogging drills.

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