How To Deflate A Basketball

You can deflate a basketball with a pin, paperclip, sewing needle, air pressure gauge, etc. It is possible to deflate with a pen also.  Best Ways To Deflate A Basketball  1. Deflating A Basketball With …

How To Deflate A Basketball

You can deflate a basketball with a pin, paperclip, sewing needle, air pressure gauge, etc. It is possible to deflate with a pen also. 

Best Ways To Deflate A Basketball 

1. Deflating A Basketball With An Inflation Pin:

It is the simplest, safest, and most correct process to deflate a basketball. Nowadays, brand-new balls offer an inflation pin or needle. So, you don’t need to worry too much. 

These are a few things you should remember. 

Your first task is to ensure the pin is moistened before inserting it into the ball. 

  • It is possible to put it in water and apply saliva or another lubricant. But we don’t recommend using saliva to lick the pin as it is unsanitary. But whether there are limited options, you might need to do that to complete the task.
  • If you are willing to deflate the call entirely, try to remove the air pump and let the air come out.
  • You should keep the air pump attached to the needle when you over-inflate the ball and want little air to come out from it. 
  • If you use an inflation pin without an air pump to deflate the ball, ensure to push the needle down until the sound of air makes its way out of the ball. Whether you don’t prefer to pump out complete air, perform the process for only a second or two.
  • Once you have let enough air out, you should remove your needle from the ball. Whether you are willing to deflate the ball, aid the process by squeezing the ball tightly. In most cases, you should let out a little air pressure. Hence, you should check it with your hands. 

2. Deflating A Basketball With A Paperclip:

It is one of the most effective ways to deflate a basketball. However, you must think before using a paperclip to deflate a ball.

How To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A BasketballHow To Deflate A Basketball

You should always go with the former if you want to select between a genuine inflation pin and a paperclip. Whether you can not find any pin, you can take a stab at it. 

You should follow these steps to deflate a basketball using a paperclip. 

  • You must make the paper clip straight and try to do it in the best way. In this case, creating it as straight as a needle is essential. Then, you should moisten it using water. However, if you want, be creative. Thereafter, your task is to insert the paper clip slowly into the valve.
  • Ensure the paper clip goes right into the center. Therefore, it will not puncture the interior bladder of the ball. 
  • Try to feel the process via the center as slowly as possible. If the air goes out, you should ascertain the air pressure. Then, it is essential to remove the paper clip slowly while it has reached the required amount.
  • Keep in mind that it isn’t the best process to deflate a basketball, as no room exists for error on this one. You must be aware and don’t rush. If the ball is punctured accidentally, you won’t play more. 

3. Deflating Basketball With Bobby Pin Or Sewing Needle:

If you have a perfect setup, no substitute is there to use an inflation pin or needle to inflate and deflate a basketball. If you don’t have sufficient time to procure one, you should try to look for a bobby pin or a needle which must not be too thick to poke a hole in the ball’s internal bladder. 

In this case, you can try to use it as a paperclip by making a way slowly into the ball. Once the air is released, you should put out the bobby pin or sewing needle until the required air pressure is reached.

4. Deflating A Basketball With A Pen:

If you are searching for the trickiest procedure, then it is the one you should use to deflate a basketball with a pen. No one has thought that deflating a basketball is possible with a pen. You might require a few tools, such as a knife or a scissor. It will be better when the tube doesn’t have any link. These are the steps that you should follow:

  • Your first task is to take your tube from the pen. Ensure it doesn’t have any ink in it. Although any ink exists, try to remove it with warm water. 
  • Try to measure about 1.5 to 2 inches from the bottom. Thereafter, you should cut the tube.
  • In most cases, you can remove the valves on the ink tube. Therefore, the next step is to take the valve out of the ball. 
  • Perform the process with the help of a paper clip. In this case, you should ensure that the ink tube’s diameter is smaller than the diameter of the ball’s valve.

5. Deflating A Basketball With An Air Pressure Gauge:

  • Whether you are willing to be too accurate, you must use an air pressure gauge. It is the best method to deflate a basketball. While some people use pins mainly designed for this purpose, using the gauge can ensure that you are dealing with the correct amount of air.
  • It is essential to lubricate the needle by moistening it hygienically. Hence, remember that lubrication is crucial as it can prevent damage to the ball’s air valve.
  • Afterward, you should stick the gauge’s needle into the ball’s air valve. 
  • Finally, your job is to push the valve used to release air on the side of the air pressure gauge to start releasing air. You must track the pressure level until reaching the essential pressure. The air pressure of the basketball must be between 7.5 to 8.5 pounds psi. 

Why Would I Need To Deflate A Basketball?

Although you don’t need to deflate a basketball so much, a few situations exist when you need to do it. 

How To Deflate A Basketball

1. Overinflated:

It is one of the most common reasons to deflate a basketball. If a ball has excessive air inside, playing basketball has become difficult as it can bounce higher than expected, making it more challenging to control.

You might find dribbling the ball easier now. But sometimes, it can go farther than you expect while passing. In addition, your shots can bounce too hard off the backboard. As a result, you can miss your shots. Despite dribbling appearing easier at first, you can lose control of the ball for the high bounce.

Air pressure can be affected by air temperature and altitude. When you pump it up to the original pressure outside on a cold day, you will find the pressure inside the ball increased. It can be overinflated. Altitude is also one of the reasons. 

2. Storage Or Transport:

You may need to deflate a basketball to store or transport it. As deflating the ball reduces its size, it will consume less space while storing in a drawer, suitcase, etc.

Sometimes, deflating the balls separate the leather or synthetic panels and ruin the ball. 

How To Deflate A Basketball Without An Air Pressure Gauge

How To Deflate A Basketball

1. Check the pressure: You may find the ball a little lively. In this case, check the air. Drop it from the chest level and see if it bounces back up to the waist. It is overinflated when it bounces higher. Skip the step if you have deflated it recently for storage. 

2. Moisten the inflation needle: You should use saliva or water to moisten the needle as the lubrication helps to insert the needle and prevent damage to the air valve.

3. Insert the needle into the air valve: Use a needle without an air pump and then insert this into the ball’s air valve. After that, push it down until it is in the ball.

4. Allow the air to escape: Try to hear the sound of air when it comes out of the ball. Whether you want to deflate it for storage or transportation, squeeze the ball after deflating it partially. Thus, you can get more air out of the ball. 

Never leave the needle in long to reduce the air pressure only. Based on the air amount you want to remove, it might require a second or two.

5. Remove the needle: If you feel it, let out a sufficient air amount. After that, remove it by pulling it straight out of the air valve.

6. Recheck the air pressure: Don’t perform the step if you want to deflate it for storage or transport. If you want to adjust the inflation level, you should check the air pressure. But if it is very high, repeat the method starting at step 2.

If you allow too much air to get out, add more air using a pump. You should keep performing the steps until you get a good bounce.


Using paper clips or other objects to insert in the air valve can permanently damage your basketball. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use an inflation needle to do this. 

FAQs :

1. Can You deflate a basketball with a needle?

Yes, you can deflate a basketball with a needle. 

2. How do I deflate the ball?

Use an inflation needle to deflate a ball. 

3. Why does my basketball keep deflating?

Your basketball can keep deflating for many reasons. One of the most common problems is that your ball leaks its inner lining or outer shell.

Besides, cold weather, improper usage, and wrong deflating methods are some reasons. 

4. What can I use to inflate a basketball?

You can use an Inflation needle, air pump, and air pressure gauge to inflate a basketball.

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