What Is A Dime In Basketball?

A dime is the 10 cents US coin. In the realm of basketball, though, it is worth significantly more than 10 cents. In reality, civilizations and careers have been constructed with these dimes. What Is …

What Is A Dime In Basketball

A dime is the 10 cents US coin. In the realm of basketball, though, it is worth significantly more than 10 cents. In reality, civilizations and careers have been constructed with these dimes. What Is A Dime In Basketball?

So, what is a dime in the basketball world? A dime equals assistance. And an assist is a statistical point awarded to a player who throws the ball to a teammate who then scores a field goal for their club.

Thus, the term “assist” as they significantly assisted the team in scoring a field goal. To be fair, this is a technical description of what an assist is, and to be fair, this explanation and term are somewhat jarring and uninteresting to hear or read while discussing a fast-paced action sport.

Why do we not use the statistical phrase “assist” instead of “dropping dimes”?

What Is A “Dime” Referring To In Basketball?

A dime is a tiny amount of money handed to basketball players at the start of each game. It is typically awarded to the first player to score or the man with the most assists.

In basketball, one point is equal to one penny. Additionally, a dime is the unit of currency used for one cent in the United States. In addition, it is the name of a type of basketball.

What is a dime in basketball

In basketball, a dime is worth one point and is a crucial object when playing the game. Players frequently cry “dime! dime!” when they require possession of the ball.

If you lack a dime, you can acquire one by passing the ball to a teammate. You can celebrate scoring a point with a dime by waving your hand in the air or bouncing up and down. If the shot is taken from outside the three-point line, dimes are also used as indirect free throw attempts.

A dime can also be used to score by knocking it off the ground after it has bounced off a player or an item on the court.

Not only is a dime useful in basketball, but also in other sports, such as football and soccer. If you missed a shot and have a dime on hand, you can attempt a two-point conversion by hitting the dime into the backboard instead of taking a free throw.

If you catch a ball around half court and there is no one nearby to pass to, try tossing a coin into the air so that your teammate can snag it and gain possession of the ball. It is a long-standing custom to play basketball with money, and there are several tales regarding how this game developed into a popular activity.

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The Value Of A Dime

A dime is a tiny coin with a value of approximately five cents. Dime usage includes tipping servers and bartenders, as well as purchasing small items from vending machines or corner shops.

In some countries, coins purchase goods and services outside their currency. Because dimes are not particularly valuable, most individuals do not carry a large quantity of them. However, a dime will suffice if you wish to purchase something little, such as a postage stamp.

If you need to make a larger transaction, such as buying ice cream, you will likely need two quarters and one cent. Copper and nickel varieties of the dime are rarer and somewhat more expensive than the standard silver version.

If you find a silver dime on the floor or in your pocket, you should save it since its value may increase in the future.

If you don’t have any around when you need them the most, don’t be disheartened — there’s a strong chance that someone else does! Always bring pennies with you when you go shopping, even if you only intend to exchange them for cash at the end of your excursion.

Why Is An Assist Called A Dime?

Now because the dime is related to assisting others, it would be so handy to presume that it readily fits with the basketball’s assist. After seeing past NBA games, I concluded that the term dime entered the basketball lexicon as a fancier and more flamboyant alternative to assist.

As previously said, the term assist does not necessarily match the game’s image of being fast-paced, action-packed, enthralling, and jaw-dropping. Similarly, the phrase field goal does not encompass many techniques (such as a jumper, slam dunk, floater, or long-range bomb) that could be used to accomplish this.

This is why we have the dime for the assistance. A slang term derived from the concept of assisting someone with ease on the street. A dime exemplifies the effortless yet effective move a player makes to pass the ball to a teammate for a touchdown.

Certainly, NBA commentators do not always refer to assists as dimes. Sometimes they refer to it as an assist or pass. There are, however, times when a play is too slick, too wonderful, too bright, or too elaborate to be considered merely an assist. Hence, the dime.

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What Does Dropping Dimes Mean?

Dropping dimes is a clever basketball slang term for assists. The term is typically used when a basketball player makes a pass worthy of a highlight reel, such as a no-look pass or alley-oop that results in a violent slam dunk. This typically causes the crowd to go wild!

What is a dime in basketball

To receive an assist, a player should pass the ball to a teammate who then scores. When the phrase “dime” is used on the court, it refers to an exceptional assist. Dropping dimes is currently one of the most used phrases in basketball lingo.

How Many Dimes In A Doller

The value of a dime in basketball is one point. To attempt a free throw, the ball must be thrown through the hoop behind the 3 lines and pass unimpeded through the ring of players.

If the free throw is made, the player receives two dimes (worth one point), and the ball is returned to play. The winner is the one who finishes with the most points. By rising to block a shot or collecting an offensive rebound, defenders can preserve their energy for subsequent use.

Additionally, you can use your dime to initiate a timeout when you have control of the ball or on fourth down to prevent an opponent from scoring. If you’re down by more than five points in the final minutes of the game, tossing a few dimes (each worth one point) into the crowd may revive the crowd’s enthusiasm.

Throughout a game, a player’s stat sheet details all of his statistics, including the number of rebounds, assists, and steals, as well as the number of points scored and surrendered.

A basketball court is feet in length and width, with four lines on each side and feet between every line. In the United States, professional basketball is typically played outside on a hardwood court, such as at Madison Square Garden or Staples Center.


1. Why do they call it throwing a dime?

The actual definition of drop a dime is to denounce a lawbreaker to the police anonymously or to snitch on a criminal partner. The phrase drops a dime was first used in 1920s-1930s detective fiction.

2. What do 5 dimes mean in basketball?

When viewing a basketball game, the announcer frequently states, “That pass was a penny.” Typically, a dime has one connotation when discussing basketball terms. In basketball, dropping dimes is another term for an assist. A tough pass from one player to another is referred basketball as “dropping dimes.”

3. Why is it called a dime?

The phrase “dime” comes from the Latin word “Decimus,” which means “tenth.” In the 1500s, the French coined the term “disme” to describe the division of money into ten pieces. In America, the spelling of “disme” evolved to “dime.”

There are numerous hypotheses, but the most prevalent is that it originated when pay phones were widely used in the United States. During the heyday of payphones (far before cell phones became the standard), it cost a dime to make a call.

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