What Is A Field Goal In Basketball

A field goal in basketball usually indicates any two-point or three-point shot that basketball players take during a live game. The field goal percentage with the number of field goals plays a crucial role in …

What Is A Field Goal In Basketball

A field goal in basketball usually indicates any two-point or three-point shot that basketball players take during a live game. The field goal percentage with the number of field goals plays a crucial role in determining a basketball player’s efficiency on the court. 

Remember that free throws are never called a field goal in basketball.

It is a basket scored from any part of the court. Remember that these goals have values between one and three points based on where the shot occurs.

You should know in this regard that free throws and three-point shots are not the same. These are various types of field goals.

A common term used while scoring in basketball makes discussing and recording basketball statistics simple. Thus, new people can learn about basketball more quickly. This article lets you know about the breakdown of the field goal, the different types, etc.

Why Is It Called A Field Goal In Basketball?

The court or playing surface is known as the “field” or “field of play” in basketball. It refers to those baskets scored from the court from the “field.”

The basic use of the basketball terminology is how many believe the term field goal became famous.

It is common to indicate the basketball court as a “field.” This one means the way multiple people relay scoring statistics. For instance, multiple basketball experts ask that Steph Curry, a basketball player, comes with a 42 percent success rate “when scoring from the field.”

What Are The Different Types Of Field Goals?

This game scored three major types of shots: field goals, three-point field goals, and free throws. The shots are called field goals but are typically recorded differently based on statistics.

What Is A Field Goal In Basketball

1. Regular Field Goals:

These are baskets generated while a player going to shoot is under the three-point arc. We even call them two-point field goals, as these are two points in the basketball game. An instance of a field game is a slam dunk and a layup.

2. Free Throws:

A player scoring a field goal from the free-throw line will be considered a free throw. If a player has committed a foul or penalty, opposing team players will get a chance to free throw the basketball.

However, these value only one point, but basketball players can earn in sets of one, two, or three opportunities based on the foul caused by the opposing team’s players.

3. Three-Point Field Goals:

These are baskets created if a basketball player shoots the ball beyond the three-point line. In 1945, the arc was tested first in the field in the NCAA. Later, it participated in the NBA in 1979.

It was October 12, 1979, when the three-pointer was scored for the first time in NBA history by Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics. 

Every basketball league comes with a different distance for the 3-point line. The length of the line is twenty-three in the NBA, and it is nine inches from the basket. But the line is twenty-two feet in the NCAA, WNBA, FIBA, and other legislative bodies. 

It is 1.75 inches from the basket. Regarding high school basketball, nineteen feet is the three-point line nine inches from the basket.

What Is A Good Field Goal Percentage?

Anything which is more than a 50% field goal is considered a good goal in basketball. A few positions have higher field goal completions than other positions on the court.

Centers with more than 70% completion rate are the top field goal percentage shooters in NBA history.

We have given a few names of basketball players with the best field goal percentage in their basketball careers, including Wilt Chamberlain, Mitchell Robinson, and DeAndre Jordan.

What Is The Field Goal Abbreviation?

FG% is the abbreviation for this statistic. These can record FGA and FGM. Hence, FGA stands for field goals attempted, while FGM stands for field goals made.

Two different stats are available related to field goals you can find on a basketball game box score.

They are for the three-pointers and free throws, which are the two types of field goals. Like FG, statisticians record the attempted and created baskets of free throws and three-point shots.

You can compare these numbers if you are willing to know the final percentage. FTA, FTM, and FT% is the abbreviation for the statistics for free throws. On the other hand, regarding three-point shots, the abbreviations are 3PA, 3 PM, and 3P%.

What Various Shots Are Considered As Field Goals?

Many shots are considered field goals during a basketball game. Hence, the key aspect required to be aware of is that shots from under the three-point line or free throw line are considered two-point field goals.

What Is A Field Goal In Basketball

If a basketball player takes a shot from beyond the three-point arc, it is called a three-point shot. In addition, if a player shoots from the free-throw line, it will have a value of one point.

Layups and slam dunks are one of the most famous two-point field goals. However, other shots, including the jump, hook, and bank shots, count for two points.

Shots are taken within the three-point line when a basketball bounces off the backboard before entering the basket. 

Generally, Three-point shots are jump shots where a player jumps before releasing the ball. After reaching the apex of their shot, players extend their hands completely to toss the basketball towards the basket.

Who Are The Best Scorers From The Field In The NBA?

In current days, NBA’s best players make most field goals they attempt. Mitchel Robinson has been holding the single-season record for the statistics.

He earnt a .742 FG% during the 2019-2020 season with the New York Knicks. Besides, Wilt Chamberlain ranks second with a .727 FG%.

The percentage of field goals has been a lagging stat. We don’t find successful attempts from the most popular basketball players in history.

Bill Russell and George Mikan averaged slightly over .400 while shooting from the field.

What Is A 2-Point Score In Basketball?

It refers to a shot made inside or on the three-point line, and it isn’t a free throw. 

This one is a goal of two-point value when a player starts his shot with his foot on the three-point line. As a basketball player, you must know that many options exist to try to make a goal.

1. Layup: It occurs while an attacking player drives to the hoop. Then, he shoots a field goal of two-point value except for making any contact with the hoop from inside the paint line. 

2. Dunk: This one is a 2-point goal attempt where an offensive player leaps under the hoop. Hence, a player usually hangs on the hoop to make a perfect ending. 

3. Hook: If an attacking player uses one hand to take this goal by stretching his arms from the opponent, it will be considered a book shot. The player shoots above the head in this case. 

4. Floater: If an offensive player attempts to make a goal but stops in the drive’s middle to float the ball high to go past the defense, it will be called a floater. 

5. Jump Shot: This technique helps you to make a goal for an attacking player from anywhere on the floor.

These cases are considered attempted field goals in the game. Once the basketball gets in the hoop, it will be considered a scored field goal. Varieties exist on the above field goals that players should address. 

For example, we can categorize a jump shot as a regular jump shot, a turnaround, a fadeaway, a leaning jump shot, or a bank shot.

It does not depend on the type of variety. If a goal is a 2-point shot, it will be regarded as a field goal.

What Is A 3-Point Score In Basketball?

If you want to make a three-point field goal, you must shoot with your foot behind the three-point line.

Suppose a player has his foot on the line. In that case, it will not be considered a three-pointer. Remember that this three-point line isn’t straight. It is an arc. 

The arc top of the NBA is 23’9″ from the basket’s middle and 22’0″ away from the basket’s center on your baseline. In addition, these statistics in FIBA, WNBA, and collegiate basketball are lower. 

A basic technique a basketball player can attempt to have a three-point field goal is a jump shot, owing to the complexity of trying a layup except stepping within the three-point line. A free throw version can be used to try three-point field goals. 

Generally, you can see Hook shots and floaters rarely, but only the shot clock runs down. As a result, players don’t get a better chance. It ensues if a defensive player fouls an offensive player while trying a two-point field goal. 

As a result, the player attacking the goal gets a free chance to throw the ball into the basket. Therefore, the player will get a 3-point play chance. This free throw is not considered a 3-point field goal on the stat sheet whether a basketball player makes it. 

Rather than that, it will be considered as a 2-point field goal and one free throw. We can symbolize it as an ‘FT’ on the stat sheet.

The field goal is not recorded if the basketball player hits the shot. Hence, they will get two chances to throw the ball for free. 

But when an attacking player gets fouled while making a three-point field goal and completes his shot, we know it as a 3-point field goal. In addition, the player will get one chance to throw the basketball for free.

But when a player shoots a three-point field goal and gets fouled, he will get three chances to throw the ball freely. Remember that the basketball field goal is unacceptable.

Field Goals In Basketball

While thinking about the term, you might not find it makes any sense to most basketball players. These players score baskets and play on the court. Remember that players don’t play on a field or score goals. 

What Is A Field Goal In Basketball

In addition, it is a term used in American football indicating that this game values three points. It is an old term in basketball. While the court was considered the ‘field of play’ and baskets as ‘goals’, the term was adopted. 

Gradually, we began using the words ‘baskets’, & ‘court’ and also wanted to use the ‘field goal’ term. 

A free throw is the only shot in basketball, not called a field goal because it comes with its statistical category. It is called ‘FG’ on a stat sheet while FG% is called ‘shooting percentage’. 

Several methods exist to achieve this goal. A three-point field goal is called ‘3 PM’, ‘3PA’, and ‘3P%’.


1. What counts as a field goal?

A field goal means a basket where a basketball player scores during the regular game from inside the arc, which designates the three-point line on the court.

Remember that a common goal refers to a regulation shot that a player tries to do from inside the three-point line.

2. Is a field goal 3 Points basketball?

It is a basket scored on any shot in basketball other than a free throw. This goal has a value of two or three points but it is based on the distance of the attempt from the basket.

3. Is a field goal 2 or 3 points?

It values 3 points.

4. Who Has the Most Field Goals in NBA History?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the most field goals in NBA history, with 15,837. Karl Malone is the closest competitor, who made 13,528 career field goals and held the second rank. 

5. How Do You Calculate Basketball Field Goals?

Usually, statisticians have a field goal percentage formula to monitor these goals in basketball. Using the formula, you need to divide the number of baskets made by the number of field goal attempts. Thus, you have to learn about players’ accuracy while they shoot from the field.

Suppose a basketball player has taken a hundred shots during the regular season. Out of these shots, these players made fifty-three, indicating that 53% was the FG percentage of the players. 

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